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The Montauk Seaweed Supply Company™ is the world’s first certified supplier of organic biostimulant products made exclusively from U.S. kelp crops grown and harvested by American Carbon Farmers™

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A Sea to Soil™ Movement is Underway in the United States


After a yearslong study and analysis, The World Bank recently ranked our kelp-based biostimulant category as the “number one most promising emerging application for seaweed” on the planet. This year a team of researchers at MIT was formally selected to advance an in-depth study of what we call a “Sea to Soil” solution for climate change, based on regenerating soil with cultivated kelp. Our innovative Sea to Soil™ methods have also recently been showcased at the New York Botanical Gardens and the annual conference of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Massachusetts (NOFA-MASS), while earning considerable coverage in major media outlets such as The Guardian.

Our RegenSea® product line is OMRI-listed™ for use in organic production, and we are proud members of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York. We are also original founding members of The Global Seaweed Coalition which is an international partnership established by the United Nations to support the safety and sustainability of the seaweed industry as it scales up through a unified vision and goals.

How It Works

All along the eastern seaboard, from Montauk to Maine, newly established U.S. ocean-farms are now producing well over one million pounds of superior-quality kelp crops each year. These crops require no fresh water or fertilizer to grow during any phase of their life cycle. The crops instead capture vast amounts of valuable marine nutrients from the surrounding water column while aggressively sequestering carbon, which the kelp then uses as structural building blocks for rapid growth at sea. Once harvested and converted into dry kelp meal, the refined kelp biomass becomes a pure and potent biostimulant that can be used to strengthen the soil in terrestrial gardens, farms and landscapes of all varieties. After application on land, the kelp meal rapidly improves soil health, supplies valuable micronutrients to vegetation, works to increase crop yields, improves soil water retention, and serves as a natural deterrent to many unwanted pests and insects.

Most importantly: after mixing into your soil, the carbon contained in the kelp meal becomes sequestered in the ground generating a carbon-negative cycle to combat climate change.

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The benefits of kelp meal for your soil are guaranteed and have been recognized and celebrated by cultures around the world for many thousands of years. Kelp meal is a rich source of micronutrients that plants need to grow well and also supplies essential macronutrients that are needed to maintain healthy soil. Particularly high in potassium, kelp meal adds organic matter to the soil to enhance plant nutrition and improve resistance to stress. Due to the slow breakdown of kelp meal over time, benefits may be observed for years after the initial application. Some additional benefits of kelp meal include:

  • Vegetables fertilized with kelp meal or liquid kelp grow larger and are less likely to become soft after harvesting.
  • Flowers grown with kelp fertilizer produce more and larger blooms, which typically last longer as cut flowers.
  • Kelp fertilizer makes all plants stronger and healthier and better able to resist diseases and pests.
  • Plant roots fed with kelp grow faster, branch better and develop greater mass.
  • Kelp fertilizer not only provides unique nutrients for your plants but also makes them better able to extract additional nutrition from the surrounding soil on their own.
  • Kelp meal contains ample Cytokine. The Cytokine hormone mobilizes nutrients in plant leaves to improve the chlorophyll content, and increase the growth rate and fullness of plants.
  • Since our kelp meal is harvested from the ocean and made of algae, it is suitable for veganic gardens.

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Visit our shop to learn more or to purchase RegenSea® the world’s first certified U.S. sugar kelp biostimulant product. RegenSea is now available for retail and wholesale customers with free shipping available throughout the continental United States for all orders over $100.

United Nations Seaweed Manifesto Endorsement

We have endorsed the Seaweed Manifesto of 2020 produced by the United Nations Global Compact’s Sustainable Ocean Business Action Platform, and believe seaweed can make a significant contribution to nine of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Diversity Statement

We want everyone to join us and be included in the Sea to Soil movement and to feel welcome at the MONTAUK SEAWEED SUPPLY COMPANY®. We value our differences in race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, citizenship, national origin and age. We value our different cultural, class, and faith backgrounds, and people who are disabled, veterans, and people with criminal histories.