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Kelp Fertilizer


Kelp Fertilizer

Pure • Local • Certified

The Original Hemp & Kelp Blend
Fertilizer and Biostimulant

Lowest Carbon • Living Wages • Radical Transparency
This unique 50/50 blend of U.S. rope grown sugar kelp and pure hemp biomass is sourced from small-scale independent American farmers on land and sea. This premium product provides a broad spectrum of biostimulant benefits for all vegetation. While sugar kelp supplies valuable marine micronutrients that help support and maintain soil health—hemp biomass provides a macronutrient boost that is essential for plant growth. Use this product liberally to fortify landscapes, increase crop and garden yields, and reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers.
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The benefits of kelp meal for your soil are guaranteed and have been recognized and celebrated by cultures around the world for many thousands of years. Kelp meal is a rich source of micronutrients that plants need to grow well and also supplies essential macronutrients that are needed to maintain healthy soil. Particularly high in potassium, kelp meal adds organic matter to the soil to enhance plant nutrition and improve resistance to stress. Due to the slow breakdown of kelp meal over time, benefits may be observed for years after the initial application. Some additional benefits of kelp meal include:

  • Vegetables fertilized with kelp meal or liquid kelp grow larger and are less likely to become soft after harvesting.
  • Flowers grown with kelp fertilizer produce more and larger blooms, which typically last longer as cut flowers.
  • Kelp fertilizer makes all plants stronger and healthier and better able to resist diseases and pests.
  • Plant roots fed with kelp grow faster, branch better and develop greater mass.
  • Kelp fertilizer not only provides unique nutrients for your plants but also makes them better able to extract additional nutrition from the surrounding soil on their own.
  • Kelp meal contains ample Cytokine. The Cytokine hormone mobilizes nutrients in plant leaves to improve the chlorophyll content, and increase the growth rate and fullness of plants.
  • Since our kelp meal is harvested from the ocean and made of algae, it is suitable for veganic gardens.


We pay our farmers and foragers a fair living wage and premium rates for their harvests in order to ensure that these integral communities are supported and able to thrive. Kelp and seaweed harvests must be fully dehydrated before they can be ground and milled into fertilizer products, which causes a 90% reduction in harvest weight. For example, 1000lbs of wet kelp becomes 100lbs of dry kelp once seawater is removed. While some processors and distributors force farmers and foragers to dehydrate their harvests and only pay them for dry weight, we source directly from the sea and pay our producers premium rates for the full “wet weight.” This policy creates a fair and balanced marketplace in which the farmers and foragers are supported and valued, creating a sustainable blueprint for this fledgling industry to build upon and flourish.


We work only with the premier accredited testing laboratories in New York State to perform nutritional, mineral and elemental analyses on our products so that we may always guarantee product purity and premium quality. Please see product labels for our Guaranteed Analysis reports.


Currently less than 1% of products in the kelp and seaweed marketplace can provide source transparency that identifies the actual harvester. Unlike products from the industrialized global commodities market, at Montauk Seaweed Supply each of our products is verifiably traceable to the source using the FishTrax® QR Code on the package. Just aim the camera on your smartphone at the QR code to learn the name and accurate story of the farmer or forager who harvested your kelp or seaweed.


Currently over 95% of the kelp and seaweed products available in the U.S. marketplace are imported from overseas. Most of these products travel very long distances to get here, requiring thousands of “fertilizer miles” for transport, which in turn creates a huge carbon footprint. Our fertilizer miles and carbon footprint rank in the lowest 1% of any alternative kelp or seaweed fertilizer products available in the local marketplace, and we are working our way towards soon becoming carbon neutral without purchasing offsets.


Widely respected as the founding father of the movement to develop kelp and seaweed cultivation for practical purposes in this country, Dr. Charles Yarish was once a Stamford professor of ecology and evolutionary biology who is now an emeritus professor at the University of Connecticut. He has dedicated his life and career to research and scientific study in this space and is now working with the Long Island Sound Study and the NYS DEC Nutrient Bioextraction Initiative to make further advances to improve the health of local waterways through phytoremediation and farming of macroalgae. To learn more about the mounting evidence proving that farming kelp is a powerful tool in the critical campaign to remove nitrogen from local waterways, please click here.

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Kelp Fertilizer


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